Frequently Asked Questions

Still trying to decide if the Unlimited Tanning or Spray Tanning membership is the right tanning package for you?

Check out our frequently asked questions to help answer some of the most common questions we hear. If you still have questions, please call or come in to your closest salon so we can address your unique needs.

Q:  How long do I have to be on the membership?

A:  There are no contracts, therefore you are in full control of your membership! The memberships are auto-billed every 4 weeks and you can choose to freeze or cancel at any time. To freeze or cancel we only need a 1-day notice and there are no fees associated with either one. This makes it easy, convenient and gives you the freedom to choose how your membership works best for you!

Q:  Do I always have to tan at the same Sunchain location?

A:  Nope! With a Sunchain membership you get tanning access at any of our Sunchain locations! Now you can tan on your way to and from work, the gym, home or anywhere you may find yourself on one of those “it’s all about me” weekends!

Q:  Can I cancel my membership?

A:  Yes, you may cancel your membership at any time, with no fee, by visiting a salon and putting in a written notice to cancel at least 1 day in advance of your billing date or by visiting the “My Membership” tab on the Sunchain website and filling out the online form. Quick, easy and fast! Please visit your nearest salon or call your salon for more more details.

Q:  Once I pay the $30 Sign Up Fee, will I need to pay this the following year?

A:  Nope! The Sign-Up Fee is a ONE-TIME fee and will only be billed upon the set-up of your account. Simply keep your account current and you will avoid the expense of canceling and restarting your membership. Should you need to cancel your membership for any reason, we want you to know you will be required to pay a Sign-Up fee to re-establish yourself as a member. Our freeze options are free and can help you avoid paying another Sign-Up fee. Feel free to call or come by and talk to a Tanning Professional for more info.

Q:  Can I freeze or suspend my membership?

A:  Yes, you may freeze your membership anytime by visiting a salon to provide written notice 1 day prior to your billing date or by visiting our Sunchain website and clicking on the “My Membership” Tab and filling out the online form. You may freeze up to 40 weeks at a time. There are no fees to freeze so this option is ideal if you are a seasonal resident or planning to be away for a couple months.

Q: Do you offer other packages besides memberships?

A: Yes! Sunchain offers a wide variety of tanning bed and spray tanning packages to fit your unique needs. This includes sessions that never expire, short-term unlimited tanning and custom tanning packages tailored just for those special events when you want to look extra sexy! Stop by or call your nearest salon for details and experience the Sunchain Signature Tanning difference!