Membership Tanning

Membership Tanning

Discover True Freedom

Join one of Sunchain’s Unlimited Tanning membership services today! Sunchain has something for you whether your goal is for the benefits of Vitamin D production, maintaining a subtle, sun-kissed glow, building an all-over sexy tan or attaining a bolder, beach bronze.

Free of Contracts ~ Free to Freeze ~ Free to Be

Unlimited Tanning Memberships

Level 2 $26            Level 3 $66

Level 4 $76            Level 5 $96

Unlimited Spray Memberships

Mystic Booth $66

Mystic HD or Kyss Booth $76

Custom Airbrush Spray $96

$99 All Access Membership

Unlimited Tanning Levels 2-5 + Unlimited Spray

*One Time Flat Start-up Fee of $30 Accessed to Each Membership

Additional PERKS for Signing up on a Membership Include:
  • Unlimited Access to all Locations
  • Discounts on Lotions and Products
  • Discounts on Upgrading to Higher Level Beds
  • Manage Online for Ease and Convenience
  • Easy One Day Freeze, Online or In Salon with No Fee
  • No Contracts, Easy One Day Cancel with No Fee