Skin Care

Skin Care is essential in your daily tanning routine.  There are multiple benefits and reasons as to why you should use an approved indoor tanning lotion while tanning in a tanning bed.

First off, indoor tanning lotions have lots of accelerators in them that help stimulate and maximize your melanin production while in the tanning bed. You can get up to three times more color in just one visit by using an indoor tanning lotion.

Secondly, indoor tanning lotions have powerful moisturizers in them. They use multiple small molecule moisturizers, that your body can absorb immediately to moisturize the skin, since dry skin can reflect light.

Lastly, all indoor tanning lotions have superior amounts of antioxidants and firming agents in them. The anti-aging and firming benefits include wrinkle reduction and prevention, minimization of dark spots, increased collagen production, reduction in cellulite and increased plumping of the skin.

We recommend strictly indoor tanning lotions when tanning indoors as outdoor tanning lotions and daily extenders do not work in a tanning bed and do not have accelerators in them. Non-approved lotions or oils can reflect light and prevent you from tanning in a tanning bed.

We carry three brands of indoor tanning lotions: MR International, Cal Tan and Designer Skin. MR International is an exclusive brand at Sunchain that excels in the latest and most elite tanning technology, fragrance and skin care. Cal Tan is also known for their Skin Care and having a patented 3 step system as follows: Step 1-Build You Base Tan, Step 2- Maximize Your Tan and Step 3- Extend Your Tan. Designer Skin is known for having a variety of fragrances, bronzers and making larger quantity bottles for those clients that use mass allotments of lotion on a daily basis.

Pure Lotions, also referred to as Intensifiers, are classic indoor tanning lotions containing no bronzers. They are packed with skin care and intense moisturizers to accelerate your natural tan while protecting it from aging. They are well-suited for clients who want to maximize their own natural color without the use of bronzers. Pure lotions tend to be light weight and stay true to their original fragrance while also defeating that infamous after-tan odor.

Natural Bronzers are indoor tanning lotions that have the same accelerants as Pure lotions, but they have an upfront natural bronzing color that will last up to 24 hours. These indoor tanning lotions are great for those that would like instant color as they apply their tanning lotion, and then as it develops, but may be nervous about a long-lasting bronzer. Natural bronzers are made up of natural products like caramel and chocolate to give you an instant natural glow.

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Delayed Bronzers are indoor tanning lotions that have the same accelerators as pure lotions but have a combination of natural bronzer and long-lasting bronzers that typically last 2-3 days or longer on the skin. These are great for clients who want the “Bronzed” look to last longer than 24 hours. Delayed bronzing lotions use Natural Bronzer, DHA (Dihydroxyacetone) and/or Erythrulose to give you an instant, streak free, longer-lastin­g color. We recommend a medium delayed bronzer for someone with a lighter skin tone and an extreme delayed bronzer for those with a darker skin tone. High Performance extreme bronzing lotions are the most requested lotions at Sunchain!

Hot Action Tingle lotions are indoor tanning lotions that have the same accelerators as Pure lotions but contain hot action tingle products in them that stimulate blood flow. These ultra-extreme sizzle formulas release a sweltering heat that aids in oxygenation of skin cells allowing for more dramatic color. Tingle lotions also contain instant and delayed bronzers too. We suggest pairing these hot action lotions with a Facial lotion for best results because it is not recommended to put hot action tingle lotion on the face. For experienced tanners only!

Specialty lotions such as leg and face lotions are also great additions to your daily skincare regimen. Facial lotions are specific for the face as they provide long-lasting color, unique anti-aging and firming properties specialized just for the face, such as silicone priming benefits and intense moisturizers that don’t clog the pores and help control oil and combat breakouts. Leg lotions help clients achieve maximum color on their legs while providing extreme firming, slimming and hair thinning properties, so that you can shave less often and hold color longer.

Daily Extender lotions and body washes are a great way to prolong your natural tan or spray tan, as well as playing an important role in anti-aging. They are recommended to use once or twice daily for best results. They are made with intense firming agents, countless anti-aging ingredients and intense moisturizers so that your skin is left refreshed, moisturized and silky smooth. They are also formulated to help maintain the bronzers on your skin for longer periods of time compared to the everyday lotion from the general store.

Sunless products are a great way to achieve color at home to enhance or extend your tan or spray tan. Sunchain carries a wide variety of products made by Mystic Tan, South Seas, Norvell and Cal Tan. We carry Boosters, Primers, Sunless Sprays and Lotions, Daily Sunless Extenders with DHA and Bronzing powders that will give you that flawless, sunless glow at home. Our sunless products are easy to apply, streak-free and are promised to not turn you orange. Sunless products give you a natural, flawless glow without the use or time spent in a tanning bed.