Spray Tanning Tips

Prepare your Skin

  1. Shower, shave and exfoliate with an oil free product.
  2. Avoid putting on lotions, deodorants or make-up after your shower.
  3. Wear dark loose fitting clothing.
  4. Take care of all beauty appointments, before your spray tan appointment, such as hair, nails and waxing.
  5. Apply a spray tan Booster or Primer to PH Balance the skin for longer lasting spray tan results.
  6. Tan in a tanning bed before you spray tan, to open up pores and to build a base tan under your spray tan, this is called “Cocktail Tanning” or “Double Dipping”.
  7. Hairnet, nose filter, booties, goggles and Barrier cream lotion are provided complimentary in each spray room.

What to Expect

Mystic Spray

  1. Choose your level of color: Light, Medium or Dark (No extra cost for Dark Level)
  2. A 60 Second Application Process is sprayed by a Booth for optimal privacy.
  3. Mystic Tan uses MagneTan Technology to ensure even coverage with easy poses.
  4. A Certified employee will suggest a color based on your skin tone and will walk a client through their first time spray.
  5. You will need to wait about 4-6 hours to shower for best results.  Note: If you need to speed up showering time, apply the Spray Booster prior to spraying.
  6. Mystic Spray Tan will last 4-7 days.

Custom Spray

  1. Unlimited Color that is personalized to each client, based on how tan the client would like to be.
  2. Women, can bring a bikini if they choose, based on their comfort level. Men, we ask that you bring a pair of boxers or a speedo to be worn.
  3. A Custom Spray Tan is by Appointment only and is sprayed by a Certified Custom Spray Tech.
  4. The Application takes about 15 minutes per person, unless you are wanting multiple coats.
  5. You will need to wait about 6-8 hours to shower for best results.  Note: If you need to speed up showering time, apply the Spray Booster prior to getting your custom spray tan.
  6. Custom Spray Tan will last 7-14 days.

After Care

  1. During the recommended wait period avoid using lotions, perfumes or makeup while your spray tan is still being absorbed. We also advise you to stay away from activities such as fitness classes, exercise that can cause you to sweat and swimming pools.
  2. When showering use water based body washes and blot dry after your shower for longer lasting results.
  3. Use water based lotions to moisturize skin two times per day. All natural, fragrance free products are best.
  4.  Avoid going into Swimming Pools, Hot Tubs and the Ocean. Chlorine and Salt water can strip sprays tans instantly.
  5. Use a Certified Sunless SPF product, that does not strip away spray tans to protect skin against burning outside. Spray Tans do not prevent burning from the sun. Or another option, build a base tan under your spray tan with a tanning bed, try “Cocktail Tanning” or “Double Dipping”.