Spray Tanning vs. Bed Tanning

Spray Tanning

Instant Same Day Color.

Mystic, get 2-3 shades darker in one visit and Custom, get unlimited personalized color in one visit.

Choose level of color based on skin tone: Light, Medium and Dark.

All Spray Solution is UV Free and uses a Premium DHA (dihydroxyacetone) to provide natural streak free color.

You will need to wait 4-24 hours to shower for a Mystic and 6-8 hours for a Custom Spray Tan. DO NOT keep a Custom spray tan on longer than 8 hours, this will change you results.

Use a Booster, Primer or Accel Add In to accelerate the Spray tan so that you can shower in half the recommended time or to deepen your spray tan.

Wear lose fitting clothing after your spray tan (no leggings).

The Mystic Spray lasts 5-7 days and the Custom Spray lasts 7-10 days, based on skin care regimen.

You will need to avoid Swimming pools, Hot tubs and the Ocean, chlorine and salt removes spray tans.

Does not protect your skin against the Sun, you will need to where an approved 30+ SPF that will not breakdown your spray tan.

Try a tanning session before your Spray tan. It opens up your pores. We call this “Double Dipping” or “Cocktail Tanning”.

Bed Tanning

Build a base tan. Takes about a week to a month, based on skin tone, level of bed and how many sessions you tan on in a week. 

Uses a combo of UVA and UVB light to develop your tan naturally. Uses the same energy source as the sun but in a controlled environment. 

All clients will tan between 3-5 minutes on their first visit, based on individual skin tone and staff recommendation.

Speed up results by using a higher level bed and by using 4-5 sessions per week. 

Accelerate your color by using a salon approved indoor tanning lotion. Tanning once with lotion is equivalent to  tanning three times without a lotion. Use an Intensifier or Bronzer for added extra color.

You can shower right after you tan, unless you are using a lotion with a bronzer in it. Wait about 2-3 hours if your lotion has bronzer in it before showering.

Once you develop a base tan, it will last up to 28 days based on how your skin exfoliates off.

A base tan does protect you against burning in the sun. However, you will still need to wear an SPF if out in the sun for long periods of time, usually a SPF 10 or higher.

Try a spray tan after your Tanning session, to get deeper faster color. We call this “Double Dipping” or “Cocktail Tanning”.