Membership Freeze or Unfreeze Form

Please fill out this easy and convenient online form in order to freeze or unfreeze your tanning membership. Freezing is free and you can freeze up to 40 weeks at a time. Please look at your next billing date and then choose your freeze start and end date below. You must start your freeze on a Saturday and end your freeze on a Saturday. All Freeze dates must be put in at least 1 day (24 hours) prior to your next billing date.


Note: Click here if you would rather modify your membership level or payment method for your membership.

*Today's Date, CANNOT be back dated or Freeze will be denied*
*Only numbers, do not include symbols
*Your Freeze MUST start on a Saturday and must be a future date, cannot be back dated.
*A Membership can only be frozen up to 40 weeks (max) at a time and MUST be unfrozen on a Saturday Date within that 40 week time frame.