Indoor tanning lotions speed up and intensify tanning by stimulating melanin production in the skin, resulting in a quicker, darker tan.


Skin Hydration

Tanning lotions with moisturizers like aloe vera, coconut oil, or shea butter help keep skin soft and nourished as they are quickly absorbed by the body.


Anti-Aging & Firming

All the lotions we offer are enriched with potent antioxidants and firming agents that provide anti-aging benefits such as diminishing wrinkles, dark spots, and cellulite.

Indulge in our three fab brands of indoor tanning lotions: MR International, Cal Tan, and Designer Skin. MR International is our tanning powerhouse, boasting the latest and greatest in tanning technology, skin care, and fragrances. Cal Tan is no slouch either, with their patented 3-step system: Build Your Base Tan, Maximize Your Tan, and Extend Your Tan. Then there’s Designer Skin, famous for its variety of fragrances, bronzing power, and larger bottle sizes for our daily tanning fanatics. All products are available in a “try before you buy” packet, plus Sunlink members snag a cool 20% discount on every bottle!

Pure Lotions

Also known as Intensifiers or Accelerators, are indoor tanning lotions without bronzers.
Enhanced with skincare ingredients and moisturizers, these products can accelerate the natural tanning process, combat aging, and even shield tattoos from fading.
They are light, maintain their original scent, and remove any post-tanning odors.

Natural Bronzers

Provide a natural bronzing color that lasts up to 24 hours.
Ideal for those who want a temporary bronzer & are hesitant about a long-lasting one.
Contain natural ingredients such as caramel & chocolate for an immediate natural tan.

Long Lasting Bronzers

A blend of natural and long lasting bronzers delivers a sun-kissed tan that can last for 2-3 days or more.
Bronzer options tailored for different skin tones: medium for lighter skin tones and extreme for darker skin tones.
Sunchain’s most in-demand lotions are High Performance Extreme Bronzing Lotions.

Hot Tingle Lotions

Tingle Hot Action products boost blood flow, helping oxygenate skin cells.
Available in a variety of sizzles with instant & long lasting bronzer levels
Suitable for experienced tanners only; avoid using on the face.

Facial Lotions

Facial lotions offer long-lasting color & specialized anti-aging & firming properties designed just for the face.
Similar to skincare at home, it is advisable to use facial lotion specifically for your face when tanning, rather than a body lotion.

Leg Lotions

These products are specially formulated for the legs, containing additional bronzers, accelerants, and firming agents.
Numerous leg lotions contain hair minimizers that decrease hair visibility and slow down its growth, reducing the frequency of shaving.
Loaded with extra Firming and Caffeine that helps to tone and reduce cellulite.

Daily Extender Lotions

Daily Extender lotions feature 24-hour Moisture Lock technology to prolong your color. These lotions are not only soothing but also help perfect and soften the skin.
Ideal for every day use at home to help maintain a UV Tan or a Sunless Tan.
If you’re not a fan of daily moisturizers, you can choose a moisturizing body wash instead. These products cleanse and hydrate the skin simultaneously.

Sunless Products

Sunless tanning products provide a natural, convenient way to tan at home year-round.
They come in lotions, sprays, mousses, and gels to suit different preferences and skin types.
Sunless tanners now include skincare benefits such as hydrating ingredients (e.g., aloe vera, hyaluronic acid) and antioxidants for skin protection.
Some of the brands featured in our salons are Mystic Wake-up Tan, South Seas Skincare, and Cal Tan Sunless.

Side Note: Using outdoor tanning oils and SPFs in a tanning bed is not effective. It is recommended to use approved indoor tanning lotions only.


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