Spray Tan Tips & Expectations

Shower, shave and exfoliate with an oil free product the day before your spray tan

Avoid putting on lotions, deodorants and make-up

Wear dark loose fitting clothing, no leggings

Take care of all beauty appointments, before your spray tan

Apply a spray tan Primer to PH Balance the skin for darker results

Tan in a tanning bed before you spray tan, this is called “Double Dipping”

Hairnets, nose filters, booties, goggles and barrier cream lotion are provided by the salon

Choose your Level of Color: Light, Medium or Dark Cartridge (The cartridge is clear & fragrance free)

Customize each Spray Tan by adding in a Bronzer for $6, Accelerator for $7 and a Scent for $3

A three minute application process is sprayed by a booth for optimal privacy

You will need to wait about 4-24 hours to shower for best results or 2-12 hours with an Accelerator Add-in

A Mystic Sunless Spray Tan will last 4-7 days

A Custom Spray Tan is by Appointment only and is sprayed by a Certified Custom Spray Tech

There are three South Seas solutions to choose from: Tahitian (Glow), Fiji (Rapid Glow), Lava (Dark) and Espresso (Rapid Medium)

The Application process takes about 15 minutes per person

You will need to wait about 4-8 hours to shower for best results or 2-4 hours with both Rapid Solutions

A Custom Spray Tan will last 7-14 days

After waiting the designated time, just do a rinse off with only water for your first shower

Blot dry after you shower and use a water based tan extender lotion to moisturize the skin

Avoid swimming pools, hot tubs and the ocean, as these all remove spray tans

If using an SPF, use a lotion form not a spray as spray tans do not protect the skin against burning

Use Mystic Tan or South Seas at home Sunless Products to maintain color, add color or extend a spray tan


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