Tanning Beds

Level 2

Simple & Easy

Easy 12 Minute Max Beds

$12 Single Session

$29 Unlimited Tanning

Level 3

Power & Speed

Avail in Stand-up & Lay-down

$18 Single Session

$69 Unlimited Tanning

Level 4

Power & Luxury

Facial Tanners & Luxury

$24 Single Session

$79 Unlimited Tanning

Level 5

Get Dark Fast!

High Pressure Bronzing Bed

$36 Single Session

$99 Unlimited Tanning

Sunchain Tanning offers a wide variety of tanning beds as well as a vast selection of tanning packages. We offer three styles of packages, Membership Tanning, Session Tanning and Event Unlimited Tanning. We offer all three variations of packages in each level of tanning bed. Whether it’s getting ready for an upcoming summer vacation or just maintaining a constant glow, you can trust that Sunchain will give you that Signature Tanning Experience by putting you in the best fit tanning package, of the best level of tanning bed, for your desired results. We have something for everyone, come see us!

Membership Tanning

  • Unlimited Tanning at Any Salon
  • Discounts on Lotions and Products
  • No Contracts, Free to Freeze and Free to Cancel
  • Best Price Per Tan, if you Tan 4 Times Per Month
  • Purchase Membership Online or In Salon

Session Tanning

  • Purchase One Session or a Package of 5 or 10 Sessions
  • Built for Sporadic Tanners, Sessions Never Expire
  • Offered in All Levels of Tanning and Spray Tanning
  • Purchase In Salon and Single Salon Use

Event Unlimited Tanning

  • Offered in a 1 Week, 2 Week or 1 Month Unlimited
  • Built for Clients who are Tanning for an Event
  • Purchase Membership In Salon and Single Salon Use